Training & Coaching Around Pain - Navigating the Biopsychosocial Atmosphere

Dr. Sam Spinelli

Pain doesn't have to limit you or your clients from training hard, but knowing what, why, and how to train around it can be complicated. In this course we will review how we can alter the various components of the biopsychosocial model of pain to help you or your clients crush workouts without being focused on pain.

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Course Syllabus

Starting with a review of the current understanding of pain, highlighting how a training and coach can best provide service to a client in pain without exceeding their scope of practice. Transitioning to identifying when it's appropriate to work around pain and when its best to refer out to maximize safety and service to the athlete or client. From there, utilizing that information to guide in selecting which kind of interventions are going to return the best outcomes for the investment.

Through the course, we will break down both theoretical and practical research, using systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and distinct individual studies to reinforce the foundation of knowledge. As we build our base of knowledge, it will reinforce critical reasoning that can be implemented across various cases and scenarios to optimize each person's ability to serve their clients and athletes. In addition, we will summarize each section with case examples to help reinforce each sections knowledge, building progressive layers of education into each following unit.

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