Hip Version and How it Affects Squatting

Ryan DeBell

This presentation will cover hip anteversion and retroversion with a focus on the variation of both the hip socket and femoral head. Practical implications based on the variations will also be covered.

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Humans do not come in the same shape and size. When it comes to bone and joint architecture, this can easily be seen with the length and thickness of bone. However, torsion or version of certain bones isn't visible, yet it affects movement of the joints at their end ranges. It becomes visible only when the joints are taken to the end range of motion.

This often gets misinterpreted as joint range of motion limitations, when some estimates are (for the hip joint) 8% of the population may have some degree of retroversion.

The concept of hip version can be challenging to visualize due to its 3 dimensional nature.

This presentation will clarify what hip version is, how easily visualize it mentally, and how it affects common exercises, most particularly the squat.

This presentation will cover:
1.  What is "version"
2.  How common is it
3.  How does it affect movement
4.  Practical Implications

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