Managing Barbell Sport Injuries: A Practical Guide for Athletes, Coaches, and Clinicians

Quinn Hennoch

Pain and injury are complex, but that doesn't mean we cannot manage them with fundamental training principles. This presentation will provide you with a useful framework to help maximize the quality of your training, in the midst of those minor setbacks that we all experience in the gym. Whether you're an athlete, coach, or clinician, you will immediately be able to use this information to better your practice.

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Course Syllabus

This presentation is appropriate for strength & conditioning coaches and healthcare professionals who manage the programming and/or physical rehabilitation of athletes utilizing barbell training or other forms of resistance training; and for attendees who wish to implement injury risk reduction programs to their athletic client population.

We will discuss a practical framework for injury management through the lens of performance training. After this presentation, you will have a pragmatic approach for manipulating training variables to deal with common obstacles that athletes encounter during their training process.

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