$200.00 USD


Kabuki Pro Eyes - Technical Video Review of Your Lifts

Back by popular demand and more comprehensive than ever! Kabuki Strength coaches will analyze your movement and provide a detailed technical review to help you optimize quality of movement, reduce injury risk, and improve training outcomes.

What you'll get:

  • Detailed video analysis of your lift(s) by a Kabuki coach
  • Warm-Up Plan
  • Off Day Mobility Work
  • Corrective Drills
  • Programming Suggestions
  • Plan to eliminate weaknesses in your movement
  • 1 month of access to our movement library

After completing purchase of this product, you will need to watch a short video guide on how to record your lifts and submit a comprehensive intake form.

After completion of your intake form, our coaches will provide your technical video review + all of the above within 5 business days.

Click here to purchase single lift review for $99