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Why Your Deadlift Lockout Sucks

We so commonly see people in the gym maxing out their deadlift, or on the platform for that matter and the lockout is just not there. Maybe you almost locked it out or you got it right there and fought for 10 seconds bouncing around and looking horrible! The solution is just to work the lockout right( rack or block pulls)?  No... Getting stronger in an optimal position will not help you when your setup and technique is off. Let's set you up for success and make you look good while lifting. In this guided solutions we cover some common deadlift myths around the deadlift lockout. Then we give you the roadmap to success and hitting some new PR's!What You'll Get
  • An in-depth guided video course between 45m and 2 hours in length specifically working towards this topic or issue
  • FREE: Kabuki Block Zero - over 10 hours of foundational strength content that serves as the cornerstone of our principles of loaded movement.