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150+ Kabuki Education Week Lectures

This product contains all lectures from Kabuki Education Week events in 2021, 2022, and 2023 - over 150 short, digestible 1hr lectures organized by topic.

Each year, Kabuki hosts a virtual summit with 50+ speakers presenting short, digestible 1hr lectures on various topics related to training, sports psychology, nutrition, programming, recovery, mobility, business, and more. 

This lecture pack contains the following 157 lectures, each around 1 hour long

Scientific Applications of Mobility Training by Dean Somerset
Hip Version and How it Affects Squatting by Ryan DeBell
Clinical Core Progressions to Develop the Proper Squat Pattern by Dr. Thomas Solecki
The Hip: From Assessment to Badass by Tony Gentilcore
Optimizing Shoulder Mechanics for the Overhead Athlete by Adam McCluskey
The Foot: Training from the Ground Up by Dale Cannavan
When the Foot Hits the Ground... Unlocking Human Performance through Optimal Proprioception by Shawn Sherman
Maximizing Lower Limb Mechanics to Improve The Squat by Alexander Effer
Why You Drop Your Deadlifts by Dr. Phillip Snell
Breathing + Bracing from the Neck to Pelvis Concepts, Evaluations, and Corrective Exercises by Brad Cox
Muscle Mechanics in Powerlifting by Megan Jones
Align Method: Ankle, Hip and Shoulder Mobility 101 by Aaron Alexander
The Power Athlete by John Welbourn
An Alternative Biomechanical Approach to The Split Squat by Alex Effer
Effort, Force, Heaviness II by Guido Van Ryssengem
Hip Mobility for a Pain-Free Deep Squat by Brandon Senn and Kyle Young
All That Is Breathing by Dr. Charlie Weingroff
Center of Mass The Key To Motor Learning by Dr. Jordan Shallow
Optimizing Hip Mechanics for Performance by Dr. Adam McCluskey
Squatting for your Anatomy by Dr. Aaron Horschig
Entrepreneurship in Fitness: Creating a Culture of Success by Chris Duffin
7 Figures to 7 Dollars — And Back, an Interview with Serial Entrepreneur Jeff Halevy
How To Build A Fitness Industry Brand and Social Media Following by Andrew Coates
The 7 Habits of Success by Nick Shaw
Trainer Career Path by Gunnar Peterson & Jen Widerstrom
Fundamental Business Principles for Health and Fitness Professionals by Ryan DeBell
The 7 Habits of Success by Nick Shaw
How to Actually Use Social Media to Build a Profitable Personal Brand in 2023 by Dr. Shanté Cofield
SuperConnected How to Build A Million Dollar Network by Jay Ferruggia
How To Use Writing To Grow Your Fitness Career by Andrew Coates
Be the Trainer Social Media Needs By Ebenezer Samuel
How To Build An Audience on Social Media By Jordan Syatt
How to Use the Semi-Private & Subleasing Model for Small Gym Ownership Success by Tony Gentilcore
Should you use Warm-Ups as a Movement Screen? By Charlie Weingroff
Building Strength for General Population Clients by Tony Gentilcore
Accounting for Heterogeneity Within a Group Setting: Same Principles, Different Applications by Alex Miller
Getting to the Words that Work - an Athlete-Centered Approach to Communicating Movement by Nick Winkelman
Healthcare Collaboration from the Perspective of a Coach: Build a Networks that Matters by Nick Lambe
Clinician's Approach in the Athlete-Coach-Clinican Triad by Dr. Ray San Agustin
The New Healthcare Practitioner Coaches Expanding Their Role & Impact by Nick Lambe
The Unifying Principle for Creating Training Trajectories for Athletes by Pat Davidson
Resistance, Negativity, and Ambivalence RNA by Dr. Lisa Lewis
Strength System Pro Coach by Sebastian Oreb
Make Fitness Practical Again by Dr. Sean Pastuch
Coaching on Competition Day by Kyle Young
Great Coaching Is (Still) The Best Marketing - In The Digital Age by Luka Hocevar
The Fitness Industry's Forgotten Population by Ryan Lockard
Be Your Own Strength Coach - A Simple Guide To Comprehensive Program Design by Daniel DeBrocke
Hierarchy of Exercise Classification by Brandon Senn
Positional Strategies and Exercise Selection by Kyle Dobbs and Matt Domney
How to Select Specialty Bars to Address Weaknesses in Powerlifting by Kyle Young & Brandon Senn
Prioritizing the Fundamentals in the Main Lifts by Derrington Wright
Specialty Exercises/Assistance Exercises to Help you Bust Through Plateaus by Alex Miller
Exercise Prescriptions: "Good" vs "Bad" Exercises and How to Choose the Best Ones by Dean Somerset
Wearable Tech: How to Turn Data into Fitness by Joel Jamieson
Simplifying Exercise Selection for Strength Sports by Alex Miller
Principles of Landmine Training by David Otey
BFR for the Strength Athlete by Dr. Mario Novo
Deadlift The Art and Science by Dr. Stefi Cohen
Effort, Force and Heaviness - the Missing Components of Proprioception by Guido Van Ryssegem
Adaptation & Results through Recovery & Sleep Coaching by Nick Lambe
Hardest Thing You Do Well by Craig Liebenson
Linguistics of RPE by Mike Tuchscherer
Stability: Our Internal Motion Capture by Jordan Shallow
Athletic Respiration: Breath Control for High Performance by Jon DeMoss
CNS fatigue: Fact or fiction? (And What This Means for Athletes) by Alex Viada
Soft Tissue Considerations For The Hip by Kyle Young
Core Breathing and Movement Patterns by Thomas Solecki
Blood Chemistry, Toxicity, Hydration, Sleep, & More: What To Measure (and How To Do It) For Athletes by Andy Galpin
Nervous System 101 by Sue Falsone
The Seven Pillars of Trainable Human Movement by Pat Davidson
Knee Valgus and Preventing ACL Tears in Youth Athletes by Marc Lobliner
The Life Cycle of Powerlifting Training by Mike Tuchscherer
Longevity In Fitness by Adriell Mayes
Training = Rehab 2020 by Charlie Weingroff
Blood Flow Restriction: Science, Strategy and Safety for Recovery Programming by Dr. Mario Novo
Managing Barbell Sport Injuries: A Practical Guide for Athletes, Coaches, and Clinicians by Quinn Hennoch
Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance by Sue Falsone
Three Common Powerlifting Injuries and the One Ring that Rules them All by Dr. Phillip Snell
Disk Herniations and Strength Training by Franchesca Vermillion
Exercise Prescription in Sports Rehab by Theodore Willsey
Bridging the Gap From Rehab to Training by Samuel Spinelli
Self-Assessment of the Shoulder and Rehab by Franchesca Vermillion
Healing Disc Herniation with Deadlifts BY Dr. Phillip Snell
Simple Daily Practices to Optimize Connective Tissue Hydration By Aaron Alexander CR, LMT
Navigating Injuries by Brittany Diamond & Ben Pollack
The Lumbar Spine in Lifting - The Rules for Rehab by Dr. Andrew Lock
Let's work together to lower biological age by Dr. Craig Liebenson - Rehab and S&C
Movement as the Keystone for Recovery an East Meets West Synopsis by Dr. Roy Page
Applying Hypertrophy and Mobility Principles to All Strength Sports by Ben Pollack and Taylor Gohn
The Hypertrophy Principles by Dr. Mike Israetel
How to Build Maximum Muscle: The Missing Link by Ben Pakulski
How to Gain Muscle Correctly in the Offseason for a Powerlifter by Brandon Morgan
Effects of Dietary Inflammation by Brandon Morgan
Emotional Adaptation and Responses to Training for the Coach and Athlete by Joe Sullivan
Compliance is the Science by Stan Efferding
RPE-Ating: Synergizing Self-Awareness and Nutrition Knowledge. Fueling Without Macro-Tracking by Gabrielle Fundaro
Diet, Exercise, and the Gut Microbiome: Recent Discoveries and Practical Applications by Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro
Eating Behaviour And Why Dieting Is So Hard by Daniel DeBrocke
Addressing Behavior In Nutrition Interventions by Daniel DeBrocke
Blood testing and health risk mitigation protocols for male and female athletes by Stan Efferding
High Performance Training and Nutrition for Men 35+ by Ben Pakulski
The Testosterone Epidemic Navigating the Inevitable in Men's Health by Ali Gilbert
Understanding PED's, Risks, and Prophylactic Strategies by Luke Miller
Elite Recovery Protocols - Exposed by Chris Duffin
Training and Coaching Around Pain - Navigating the Biopsychosocial Atmosphere by Dr. Sam Spinelli
What we can learn from Elite Athletes and Managing Pain by Alex Viada
Understanding Training Injuries and debunking Back Pain Myths by Dr. Stefi Cohen
Troubleshooting Knee Pain in the Squat by Brad Cox
Bulletproof Your Shoulders for a Pain-Free Bench Press by Kyle Young & Brandon Senn
Mitigating Low Back Pain from the Deadlift by Kyle Young and Joe Stella
Knee Pain & The Strength Athlete by Aaron Horschig
Anatomy of FAI (Femoroacetabular Impingement), Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome (GTPS), and Piriformis Syndrome by Aaron Horschig
Intelligently Modifying Lifts in the Presence of Pain: A Structural Framework by Dr. Michael Mash
D-FETR Technique for a Strong, Aligned, and Pain-Free Back & Core by Dr. Mike Wasilisin
From Back Pain to the Winner's Podium 2021 by Dr. Stuart McGill
From Back Pain to the Winners Podium 2022 by Dr. Stuart McGill
Longevity in Hypertrophy Training by Nick Gloff
The Intersections of Exercise, Mental Health, and Body Image by Maryam Marashi
Developing Mental Strength by Mike McCastle
Psych Skills for Change-Making by Dr. Lisa Lewis
Behavior Modification Strategies: Evidence Based Practice for Positive Habit Formation by Melissa Davis
Live Q&A with The Quad Guy, Julian Smith
Powerlifting Roundtable Q/A
Women's Strength Roundtable Q/A
Powerlifting Roundtable II
Simplifying Strongman Movement Patterns, Strength Qualities, and Energy Systems by Joe Stella
Starting Strongman 101 by Kalle Beck
Training for Strongman with Minimal Equipment by Joe Stella
An Athletic Approach to Strongman Programming by Joe Stella
Progression Models & Training Considerations for the Off-Season Strength Athlete by Paul Oneid
Applied Speed & Power Training for Over-35 Lifters by Joe DeFranco
Metabolic testing for health, fitness, and performance optimization by Joel Jamieson
Stress, Performance, and How to Adapt your Training by Ian Daniel
Training Volume for Off Season & Contest Prep by Kuba Cielen
Autoregulation The Secret to Training and Nutrition by Lauren Hyser
Integrating Autoregulation into Periodized Training by Eric Helms
Powerbuilding: A Conceptual Discussion on Successful Program Design by Brian Minor
Conditioning and HRV by Joel Jamieson
Integration of IASTM and Movement Preparation in a Powerlifter's Training Program by Cassandra Strunk & Kyle Young
Making Weight By the Best Means Necessary by Dr. Derek Wilcox
Resiliency Training: A Clinical Application of Energy Systems and Accessory Lifts by Dr. Roy Page
Train SLOW to Get FAST: Programming Heavy Sleds to Develop Blazing Speed by Joe DeFranco
Training Regimen for Mature Strength Athletes by Rudy Kadlub
Unconventional Power Training - Lifting for Longevity by David Otey
Physical Domination for the Warrior in 2022 by Donny Bigham
Rotational Power - Unlocking Ultimate Power Potential by David Otey
Programming for the Four Functions of Core Training by Ebenezer Samuel
Power Athlete's Austere Training by Tex McQuilkin
The Art of Coaching and How to Effectively Communicate and Cue Athletes by Phil Daru
Athlete Monitoring: What Data Points to Monitor & Response by Travis Mash
Strength & Conditioning Principles for Combat Athletes by Stefi Cohen
What You Must Know About Strength Training During and After Pregnancy by Molly Galbraith
BIRTHFIT Approach to Pregnancy & Postpartum Training by Dr. Lindsey Mathews
Women and Muscle-Building: Addressing Common Challenges and Busting Myths by Ashleigh and Rachel
Pills, Periods & Performance: Concepts and Controversies in Female Athlete Health by Victoria Felkar
Training, Nourishment, Lifestyle Biohacking for Preconception by Dr. Lindsey Mathews Cantu