$29 ($49 regular)

Have a professional strength coach review your lifts and work with you towards your goals.

The Fix For Chicken Legs + FREE Squat Manual ($99)

Have you ever seen memes on instagram of a jacked dude with chicken legs and a caption that says “friends don’t let friends skip leg day?” Yeah, no one wants to be that guy. Unfortunately, not everyone has great genetics for building massive tree trunks. In this mini-course you’ll learn everything you need to know to build massive legs including: 
  • How to determine volume and frequency
  • Progression strategies
  • Fatigue management
  • Exercise selection
  • Two case studies with example workouts

What You'll Get

  • An in-depth guided video course between 45m and 2 hours in length specifically working towards this topic or issue
  • FREE: Kabuki Squat Manual ($99 value) containing hours of video content, graphics, and over 5000 words guiding you towards mastery of the squat