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2021 KEW Course Recordings

Kabuki Education Week was a week-long virtual conference with top coaches, athletes, clinicians, researchers, and academics in the strength & conditioning industry.

This live event took place February 1-7, 2021 and course recordings from all 54 live lectures are included in this offer. Each course recording is a 60 minute lecture/presentation with Q&A from live attendee questions. Visit event home page to view full list of speakers/topics.

Access: Once you purchased recordings, you have lifetime access to the content. There is no expiration date and you may watch the recording as many times as you want.

Value: Purchase this full lecture pack for $399 and save over $600 compared to purchasing courses individually for $19.99.

Included Speakers/Courses:

Alex Viada - Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional: What we can learn from elite athletes and managing pain
Alexander Effer - Maximizing Lower Limb Mechanics to Improve The Squat
Ben Pakulski - How to Build Maximum Muscle: The Missing Link
Ben Pollack & Taylor Gohn - Applying Hypertrophy and Mobility Principles to All Strength Sports
Brad Cox - Troubleshooting Knee Pain in the Squat
Brandon Morgan - Effects of Dietary Inflammation
Brandon Senn - Hierarchy of Exercise Classification
Brian Minor - "Powerbuilding": A Conceptual Discussion on Successful Program Design
Cassandra Strunk & Brady Cable - Integration of IASTM and Movement Preparation in a Powerlifter's Training Program
Charlie Weingroff - Training = Rehab 2020
Chris Duffin - Entrepreneurship in Fitness: Creating a Culture of Success
Dale Cannavan - The Foot: Training from the ground up
Daniel Debrocke - Addressing Behaviour In Nutrition Interventions
David Otey - Unconventional Power Training - Lifting for Longevity
Dean Somerset - Scientific Applications of Mobility Training
Dr Lisa Lewis - Psych Skills for Change-Making
Dr. Aaron Horschig (Squat University) - Knee Pain & The Strength Athlete (Diagnosis & Treatment)
Dr. Adam McCluskey - Optimizing Shoulder Mechanics for the Overhead Athlete
Dr. Craig Liebenson - Hardest Thing You Do Well
Dr. Derek Wilcox - Making Weight By the Best Means Necessary
Dr. Franchesca Vermillion, DC - Disk Herniations and Strength Training
Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro - Diet, Exercise, and the Gut Microbiome: Recent Discoveries and Practical Applications
Dr. Lindsey Mathews, DC - BIRTHFIT Approach to Pregnancy & Postpartum Training
Dr. Mario Novo - Blood Flow Restriction: Science, Strategy and Safety for Recovery Programming
Dr. Mike Israetel - The Hypertrophy Principles
Dr. Phillip Snell - Three Common Powerlifting Injuries and the One Ring that Rules them All
Dr. Roy Page - Resiliency Training: A Clinical Application of Energy Systems and Accessory Lifts
Dr. Sam Spinelli - Training & Coaching Around Pain - Navigating the Biopsychosocial Atmosphere
Dr. Stefi Cohen - Dealing with Injuries and Back Pain
Dr. Stuart McGill - From Back Pain to the Winners Podium
Dr. Thomas Solecki - Clinical core progressions to Develop the Proper Squat Pattern
Eric Helms - Integrating Autoregulation into Periodized Training
Guido Van Ryssegem - Effort, Force and Heaviness - the Missing Components of Proprioception
Jeff Halevy - 7 Figures to 7 Dollars — And Back, an Interview with a Serial Entrepreneur
Joe DeFranco - Train SLOW to Get FAST: Programming Heavy Sleds to Develop Blazing Speed
Joe Sullivan - Emotional Adaptation and Responses to Training for the Coach and Athlete
Joel Jamieson - Conditioning and HRV
Jon DeMoss - Athletic Respiration: Breath Control for High Performance
Jordan Shallow - Stability : Our Internal Motion Capture
Julian Smith - Live Q&A with The Quad Guy
Kalle Beck - Strongman 101
Kyle Dobbs & Matt Domney - Positional Strategies and Exercise Selection
Mel Davis - Behavior Modification Strategies: Evidence Based Practice for Positive Habit Formation
Mike Tuchscherer - Linguistics of RPE
Molly Galbraith - Strength Training During and after Pregnancy
Nick Lambe - Adaptation & Results through Recovery & Sleep Coaching
Quinn Henoch - Managing Barbell Sport Injuries: A Practical Guide for Athletes, Coaches, and Clinicians
Rudy Kadlub - Training Regimen for Mature Strength Athletes
Ryan DeBell - Hip Version and how it Affects Squatting
Shawn Sherman - When the foot hits the ground... unlocking human performance through more optimal proprioception
Sue Falsone - Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance
Tony Gentilcore - The Hip: From Assessment to Badass

CEUS: We are in the process of submitting these recorded lectures for CEU approval through the NSCA. This process will take approximately 1-2 months but if/when we receive approval we can retroactively award CEUs to anyone who purchased the recordings prior to them actually being approved.