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Nutrition + Education Bundle

This discounted bundle contains the 54 Strength & Fitness Lecture Pack from Kabuki Education Week as well as the new Nutrition Masterclass, a $599.99 value (at regular price) for only $499.99 when you bundle.

Scroll down to read more about the masterclass and lecture pack.

Gain the Knowledge and Tools to Master Your Own Diet and Nutrition with the Nutrition Masterclass

We believe the best way to approach a nutrition education is with guided learning that goes beyond the "what" and into the "why" and "how".

The Kabuki Nutrition Masterclass is an interactive virtual course that delivers science-based nutrition information while guiding you to create your own individualized nutrition plan. This is way more than just a meal plan with macros. Over the course of 8 weeks, our Coaches and Educators will guide you through 14+ modules ranging from behavior modification, the hierarchy of nutrition needs, strategies for gaining and losing weight, and much more (listed below). Each module will include take-home lessons, some will include downloadable interactive tools, and each week you will have the opportunity for some face time with your instructors during the weekly accountability live zoom call. 
You will not only level up your understanding of effective nutrition interventions but you will also build step-by-step your own individualized nutrition plan to fit your goals and needs. We will be tackling tons of new content weekly but you will never be left behind. 

What you'll get:

  • 15 modules with hours of studio-quality lecture footage
  • A guided, week-by-week education to gain the knowledge and skills required for planning your own diet and nutrition over 8 weeks.
  • Weekly accountability live zoom calls with our educators (recorded and available to watch later)
  • Homework, slides, and other materials.
  • Kabuki Cookbook with recipe videos.
  • Lifetime access to all updates including future planned modules and new tools and coursework.

Included Modules:

  • Behavior & Adherence
  • Energy Balance
  • Macronutrients
  • Food Composition
  • Adjusting Your Program
  • Meal Timing
  • Sleep & Recovery
  • Supplementation
  • Hydration
  • Metabolic Adaptations
  • Maintenance Phases
  • Brain Gut Access
  • Info & Tools
  • Bonus: Critical Thinking
  • Bonus: Kabuki Cookbook


54 Lectures by Strength & Fitness Legends

Kabuki Education Week was a week-long virtual conference with top coaches, athletes, clinicians, researchers, and academics in the strength & conditioning industry.

This live event took place February 1-7, 2021 and course recordings from all 54 live lectures are included in this offer. Each course recording is a 60 minute lecture/presentation with Q&A from live attendee questions. Visit event home page to view full list of speakers/topics.

Access: Once you purchased recordings, you have lifetime access to the content. There is no expiration date and you may watch the recording as many times as you want.


Included Speakers/Courses:

Alex Viada - Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional: What we can learn from elite athletes and managing pain
Alexander Effer - Maximizing Lower Limb Mechanics to Improve The Squat
Ben Pakulski - How to Build Maximum Muscle: The Missing Link
Ben Pollack & Taylor Gohn - Applying Hypertrophy and Mobility Principles to All Strength Sports
Brad Cox - Troubleshooting Knee Pain in the Squat
Brandon Morgan - Effects of Dietary Inflammation
Brandon Senn - Hierarchy of Exercise Classification
Brian Minor - "Powerbuilding": A Conceptual Discussion on Successful Program Design
Cassandra Strunk & Brady Cable - Integration of IASTM and Movement Preparation in a Powerlifter's Training Program
Charlie Weingroff - Training = Rehab 2020
Chris Duffin - Entrepreneurship in Fitness: Creating a Culture of Success
Dale Cannavan - The Foot: Training from the ground up
Daniel Debrocke - Addressing Behaviour In Nutrition Interventions
David Otey - Unconventional Power Training - Lifting for Longevity
Dean Somerset - Scientific Applications of Mobility Training
Dr Lisa Lewis - Psych Skills for Change-Making
Dr. Aaron Horschig (Squat University) - Knee Pain & The Strength Athlete (Diagnosis & Treatment)
Dr. Adam McCluskey - Optimizing Shoulder Mechanics for the Overhead Athlete
Dr. Craig Liebenson - Hardest Thing You Do Well
Dr. Derek Wilcox - Making Weight By the Best Means Necessary
Dr. Franchesca Vermillion, DC - Disk Herniations and Strength Training
Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro - Diet, Exercise, and the Gut Microbiome: Recent Discoveries and Practical Applications
Dr. Lindsey Mathews, DC - BIRTHFIT Approach to Pregnancy & Postpartum Training
Dr. Mario Novo - Blood Flow Restriction: Science, Strategy and Safety for Recovery Programming
Dr. Mike Israetel - The Hypertrophy Principles
Dr. Phillip Snell - Three Common Powerlifting Injuries and the One Ring that Rules them All
Dr. Roy Page - Resiliency Training: A Clinical Application of Energy Systems and Accessory Lifts
Dr. Sam Spinelli - Training & Coaching Around Pain - Navigating the Biopsychosocial Atmosphere
Dr. Stefi Cohen - Dealing with Injuries and Back Pain
Dr. Stuart McGill - From Back Pain to the Winners Podium
Dr. Thomas Solecki - Clinical core progressions to Develop the Proper Squat Pattern
Eric Helms - Integrating Autoregulation into Periodized Training
Guido Van Ryssegem - Effort, Force and Heaviness - the Missing Components of Proprioception
Jeff Halevy - 7 Figures to 7 Dollars — And Back, an Interview with a Serial Entrepreneur
Joe DeFranco - Train SLOW to Get FAST: Programming Heavy Sleds to Develop Blazing Speed
Joe Sullivan - Emotional Adaptation and Responses to Training for the Coach and Athlete
Joel Jamieson - Conditioning and HRV
Jon DeMoss - Athletic Respiration: Breath Control for High Performance
Jordan Shallow - Stability : Our Internal Motion Capture
Julian Smith - Live Q&A with The Quad Guy
Kalle Beck - Strongman 101
Kyle Dobbs & Matt Domney - Positional Strategies and Exercise Selection
Mel Davis - Behavior Modification Strategies: Evidence Based Practice for Positive Habit Formation
Mike Tuchscherer - Linguistics of RPE
Molly Galbraith - Strength Training During and after Pregnancy
Nick Lambe - Adaptation & Results through Recovery & Sleep Coaching
Quinn Henoch - Managing Barbell Sport Injuries: A Practical Guide for Athletes, Coaches, and Clinicians
Rudy Kadlub - Training Regimen for Mature Strength Athletes
Ryan DeBell - Hip Version and how it Affects Squatting
Shawn Sherman - When the foot hits the ground... unlocking human performance through more optimal proprioception
Sue Falsone - Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance
Tony Gentilcore - The Hip: From Assessment to Badass