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This virtual summit qualifies for 2.0 NSCA CEUs.

Taking place February 6-12, 2023, Kabuki Education Week is a unique opportunity to attend 50+ (and counting) live hour-long lectures (with Q&A) presented by the most respected and well established educators, coaches, clinicians, and athletes in the strength & fitness industry. This event brings together a wealth of knowledge across multiple domains; all condensed into week-long virtual format that allows you to attend as many courses as you choose with the added opportunity to purchase recordings. Many attendees take an entire week off to attend as many live lectures as possible! 

2023 Event Speakers and Topics:

  • Jordan Syatt: How To Build An Audience on Social Media
  • Dr. Adam McCluskey: Optimizing Hip Mechanics for Performance
  • Dr. Aaron Horschig (Squat University): Squatting for your Anatomy
  • Dr. Stefi Cohen: Deadlift: The Art and Science
  • Dr. Charlie Weingroff: All That Is Breathing
  • Dr. Jordan Shallow: Center of Mass: The Key To Motor Learning
  • Joe Defranco: Applied Speed & Power Training for Over-35 Lifters
  • Joe Sullivan: Energy Systems for Dummies (Powerlifters) And Why Varying Your Training Demands Will Make You Better
  • Dr. Andrew Lock: The Lumbar Spine in Lifting - The Rules for Rehab
  • Aaron Alexander CR, LMT: Simple Daily Practices to Optimize Connective Tissue Hydration 
  • Adriell Mayes: Topic Coming Soon
  • Alex Miller: Simplifying Exercise Selection for Strength Sports
  • Ali Gilbert: The Testosterone Epidemic: Navigating the Inevitable in Men's Health
  • Andrew Coates: How To Use Writing To Grow Your Fitness Career
  • Ben Pakulski: Topic Coming Soon
  • Brandon Morgan: Topic Coming Soon
  • Chris Duffin: Topic Coming Soon
  • Daniel DeBrocke: Topic Coming Soon
  • David Otey: Principles of Landmine Training
  • Dr Shante Cofield: How to Actually Use Social Media to Build a Profitable Personal Brand in 2023
  • Dr. Mario Novo: BFR for the Strength Athlete
  • Dr. Craig Liebenson: Rehab and S&C - Let's work together to lower biological age
  • Dr. Lindsey Mathews Cantu: Training, Nourishment, Lifestyle Biohacking for Preconception
  • Dr. Lisa Lewis: Resistance, Negativity, and Ambivalence: RNA
  • Dr. Phillip Snell: Healing Disc Herniation with Deadlifts
  • Dr. Sean Pastuch: Make Fitness Practical Again
  • Dr. Roy Page: Movement as the Keystone for Recovery: an East Meets West Synopsis 
  • Ebenezer Samuel: Be the Trainer Social Media Needs
  • Ian Daniel: Stress, Performance, and How to Adapt your Training
  • Jackson Peos: Hushing Your Hunger
  • Jay Ferruggia: SuperConnected: How to Build A Million Dollar Network
  • Joe Stella: Triphasic Application to Strongman
  • Joel Jamieson: Topic Coming Soon
  • Kuba Sylvester Cielen: Topic Coming Soon
  • Kyle Young: Coaching on Competition Day
  • Lauren Hyser: Autoregulation: The Secret to Training and Nutrition
  • Luka Hocevar: Great Coaching Is (Still) The Best Marketing - In The Digital Age
  • Luke Miller: Understanding PED's, Risks, and Prophylactic Strategies
  • Marc Lobliner: ​​Knee Valgus and Preventing ACL Tears in Youth Athletes
  • Maryam Marashi: The Intersections of Exercise, Mental Health, and Body Image
  • Megan Jones: Topic Coming Soon
  • Mike Tuchscherer: The Life Cycle of Powerlifting Training
  • Nick Gloff: Longevity in Hypertrophy Training
  • Nick Lambe: The New Healthcare Practitioner: Coaches Expanding Their Role & Impact
  • Nick Shaw: The 7 Habits of Success
  • Pat Davidson: The Unifying Principle for Creating Training Trajectories for Athletes
  • Paul Oneid: Progression Models & Training Considerations for the Off-Season Strength Athlete
  • Ray San Agustin: A Clinician's Approach in the Athlete-Coach-Clinican Triad
  • Sanjeev Javia: Topic Coming Soon
  • Sebastian Oreb: Strength System Pro Coach
  • Stan Efferding: Blood testing and health risk mitigation protocols for male and female athletes. 
  • Tony Gentilcore: How to Use the Semi-Private & Subleasing Model for Small Gym Ownership Success

This event is being hosted by Kabuki Strength as a community-building exercise to offer affordable access to knowledge and education from our peers in the industry.  Thank you for supporting Kabuki Strength and our extended Strength & Fitness Community, we hope this event adds value to your life and helps you live better through strength.