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Recover to Win

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Presented by Joel Jamieson and 8WeeksOut

Unlock the power of recovery and transform your fitness, health, and performance in just 30 days. Everything you need to know to build a complete recovery program.

The way most people approach fitness today is broken

I know this sounds like a bold statement, but I have almost 20 years of data and coaching experience to back it up.

What I mean when I say it’s broken is that the way fitness is taught (and reinforced through magazine headlines, education, and social media) only gives people one single tool to improve it: training.

On top of this, the “high-intensity mindset” has become so ingrained in the fitness culture that the only way people think they can improve their results is by doing more training.

More sets. More reps. More weight. More intensity. More training.

This approach is like trying to build an entire house with nothing more than a hammer and nails. You can make some progress, but you’ll never be able to get the job done unless you have all the right tools.

In fitness, the reason this approach is so limiting and ultimately fails is because training is only one piece of the puzzle.

It’s often not even the most important one.

What ultimately limits the results you get from your workouts is often not the exercises, sets, reps, or weight you lift in the gym. It’s the other 23 hours in the day when you’re not in the gym.

That’s why recovery is often the single biggest limiting factor in the results people see.

The problem is that until now, nobody is teaching real principles, strategies, and an actual system around improving recovery.

To really flip the switch of recovery and drive your fitness results, you need to know how to build a complete recovery program.

Over and over again, I’ve seen how making relatively simple changes to accelerate recovery can lead to a massive difference in results. The key is to know how recovery works, what drives it, and how to eliminate the recovery roadblocks that trip so many people up.

That is exactly why I built Recover to Win and what you’ll learn how to do when you register for the course.

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