Nutrition Masterclass

Gain the knowledge and tools you need to confidently manage your own diet and nutrition.

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15 Modules

Guided, interactive lectures, go at your own pace

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Nutrition Masterclass

Gain the knowledge and tools you need to confidently manage your own diet and nutrition.

Purchase Course for $199

15 Modules

Guided, interactive weekly lectures over 8 weeks, go at your own pace

A Cut Above the Rest

Learn the why and how, not just the what to do.

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Live calls with our educators and other students

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We believe that evidence-based nutrition education starts with critical thinking and a framework for understanding and processing information prior to behavior change. You will not only level-up your understanding of effective nutrition interventions but also build your own individualized nutrition plan to fit your goals and needs.


What's Included?

Studio-quality video modules filmed by Kabuki educators. Learn more about what you'll learn below.

Nutrition Toolkit

This module will introduce you to adjacent variables that are less commonly addressed but set the foundation for a productive diet. We’ll cover how to accurately track and log your food intake, create awareness regarding the most common mistakes people make so you can avoid them, and develop a clear system to track and evaluate progress.

Behavior & Adherence

The complex underpinnings that drive human behavior. Learn to close the gap between knowing what to do to how to take action. This module will teach you how to incite change and alter your behavior which will eventually lead to sustainable habits.

Energy Balance

Understanding the importance of total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) will help you discover the mechanisms behind weight loss and weight gain.


Protein, carbohydrates, and fat are the building blocks by which you will construct your nutrition plan. Think of your macros as levers you can pull in your diet to influence different outcomes. In this module you’ll learn when to prioritize specific macros and the scientific recommendations for intake.

Food Composition

The role of composition plays a critical role in successful dietary adherence. In this module you will the difference between flexible and rigid dietary restraint, the pros and cons of different food sources, and why you should refrain from the all or nothing approach to dieting.

Adjusting Your Program

Knowing how to adjust your diet is key for long term success. In this module you will learn more about the hierarchy of nutrition and what variables you should adjust first when managing your diet.

Meal Timing

In this module we will break down the specific underpinnings of nutrient timing and give you clear practical instructions on how to structure the frequency of your meals to best suit your goals and lifestyle.

Sleep & Recovery

In this module we will take a deep dive in the various ways in which sleep either directly or indirectly regulates your hunger signaling, impedes your ability to tolerate stress and make productive decisions, influences body composition, food choice, athletic performance, mood and even your sex hormones.


Is supplementation necessary or is it a waste of money? In this module you will learn about the underpinnings of the supplementation market and which types of supplements are worth the investment and which are not.


This module will discuss hydration as a whole mostly relating to its effects within performance as well as general health risks with being consistently dehydrated. Just like any other area of nutrition, your individual hydration requirements will be dependent on specific factors related to your activity, lifestyle, and goals.

Metabolic Adaptations

This module presents a comprehensive look at the complex mechanisms that can impact your physiology and psychology when in the presence of sustained caloric restriction. We will also cover approaches to minimize the effects of metabolic adaptation so you can have a more productive diet and minimize unnecessary difficulty.

Maintenance Phases

Planned maintenance plays a critical role in successful body composition alteration as well as performance. The psychological and physiological stress incurred through dieting can be significant and therefore intentional dieting breaks are necessary for long term progress.

Brain Gut Access

This module will dive deep into a booming field of research investigating how food consumption relates to cognitive function. We will cover in detail the ill effects associated with dietary inflammation mostly focusing on neurocircuits, neurotransmitters, and the biopsychosocial model.

Bonus: Critical Thinking

This module is incredibly important because it essentially is an in-depth primer course that teaches you how to think critically like a scientist, evaluate information, apply skepticism, and come to conclusions based on the soundest evidence available. This module was designed to help you navigate the fitness and nutrition industry which is often confusing and filled with contradictory claims.

Bonus: Kabuki Cookbook

This module contains delicious, healthy, and easy recipes by Jaqueline Duffin. Cook along with simple videos that show you how to go from 0 to a delicious meal in no time at all. Includes full recipe videos, photos, ingredient list and instructions.

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