Adaptation & Results through Recovery & Sleep Coaching

Nick Lambe

Adaptation is the process that breeds client results/outcomes in health and performance. This adaptation doesn't occur without prioritizing recovery through optimal sleep. However our industry doesn't prioritize sleep in the context of practical coaching. This course will introduce you to the systems & principles to do just that to drastically improve the results you get with clients.

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Course Syllabus


1. The Epidemic of Poor Sleep Quality

  • Prevalence of sleep issues & struggles
  • Loosening the criteria to those getting less than optimal
  • Why these issues exist
  • Introducing the 360 degree approach to sleep health


2. Why Sleep COACHING

  • Lack of practical options around sleep optimization
  • Impact on goals in health, performance, rehabilitation & body composition
  • Differentiation & opportunity
  • The behavioral component to sleep issues
  • Concepts of recovery & adaptation


3. Anatomy & Physiology of Sleep

  • Mechanisms to Understand HOW sleep occurs
  • Interplay with physiology
  • Neurology/stages of sleep
  • Pillars to healthy sleep


4. Assessment/Screening/Scope of Practice

  • Role & scope of sleep coaching
  • Red flags
  • Intro to assessment & screening process


5. The Hierarchy & Coaching Systems

  • Hierarchy to sleep optimization
  • Bucket system
  • Monitoring recovery (HRV)
  • Integration



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