Intelligently Modifying Lifts in the Presence of Pain: A Structural Framework

Dr. Michael Mash

When a client has pain with a lift, there are many modifications you can implement to address it. Far too often, however, coaches and clinicians alike start haphazardly adding more exercises, mobility work, or stretches, in hopes that one of them will “stick.” In this lecture, you’ll learn our systematic approach to intelligently modifying lifts in the presence of pain, and how to prioritize these various strategies to maximize client outcomes and performance.

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Course Syllabus

• The Barbell Rehab 4-Step Framework for Training with Pain
• How to manipulate Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) to drive a tolerable training stimulus for clients dealing with pain
• Our step-by-step algorithmic approach to modifying lifts in the presence of pain
• Effective strategies to reduce recurrent flare-ups when reintegrating a once painful lift

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