Blood Flow Restriction: Science, Strategy and Safety for Recovery Programming

Dr. Mario Novo

This course will provide viewers current concepts on the safe and effective use of blood flow restriction training combined with lite load resistance training (20-40% IRM) or low intensity endurance training (30%-60% HRR) to specifically return to exercise or competitive training following deconditioning or post injury. This course is intended for those who are seeking to have BFR applied to their recovery strategy by their Physical Therapist, Athletic trainer and for those looking to self assess their risks first and foremost before trying blood flow restriction training as a strategy post deconditioning and or minor injury that has been cleared by a medical provider.

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Course Syllabus

Introduction to speaker and topic
Post Injury/Post surgical challenges to continued weight lifting
Inflammation, pain, reduced muscle recruitment, joint stability, tissue integrity, psychological considerations
Specific Declines post injury/surgery
Skeletal Muscle Strength, Muscle Mass (NPB, MUR), Altered Nutrient Uptake (Anabolic Resistance), Cardiovascular (Capacity, Compliance), Balance, Confidence, Mental Health, Social
Modifiable factors
Load management, Sleep routine, Nutrition, Supplementation
Role and Effects of BFR for Recovery/Rehab
Role of peripheral fatigue, benefits of MUR = MPS, pain reduction, strength. Role of hypoxia = vascular, production of LA and it’s role for energy. GH if achieved role for collagen synthesis and IGF-1 for healing. Role of blood volume = HR, SV and VO2.
Programming with BFR
Protein synthesis, neuromuscular recruitment, reduced pain, increased blood flow, increased muscle recruitment, tendon strength
Technology and training tools for BFR Training

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