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54 hours of lecture content by industry professionals on topics ranging from training, sports psychology, nutrition, programming, recovery, mobility, and more.

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Speakers & Topics

Learn from living legends in their field; pioneers who push the boundaries of knowledge, performance, and strength.

Dr. Stefi Cohen

Dealing with Injuries and Back Pain

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Dr. Aaron Horshig (SquatU)

Knee Pain & The Strength Athlete (Diagnosis & Treatment)

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Dean Somerset

Scientific Applications of Mobility Training

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Dr. Mike Israetel

The Hypertrophy Principles

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Ben Pakulski

Course Topic Information Will be Posted Soon!

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Joe DeFranco 

Train SLOW to Get FAST: Programming Heavy Sleds to Develop Blazing Speed

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Charlie Winegroff 

Training Equals Rehab 2020

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Jeff Halevy

7 Figures to 7 Dollars, And Back: Interview with a Serial Entrepreneur

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Mike Tuchscherer

Linguistics of RPE

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Lindsey Mathews (Birthfit)

Training Through Pregnancy and Post-Partum Healing/Training

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Guido Van Ryssegem

Effort, Force and Heaviness - the Missing Components of Proprioception

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Melissa Davis

Behavior Modification Strategies: Evidence Based Practice for Positive Habit Formation

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Tony Gentilcore 

The Hip: From Assessment to Badass

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Julian Smith 

Live Question & Answer Session

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Dr. Thomas Solecki

Clinical Core Progressions to Develop the Proper Squat Pattern

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Joel Jamieson

Conditioning and HRV

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Chris Duffin

Entrepreneurship in Fitness: Creating a Culture of Success

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Nick Lambe

Adaptation & Results through Recovery & Sleep Coaching

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Dr. Phillip Snell

Three Common Powerlifting Injuries and the One Ring that Rules them All

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Dr. Craig Liebenson

Hardest Thing You Do Well

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Rudy Kadlub

Training Regimen for Mature Strength Athletes

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Dr. Adam McCluskey

Optimizing Shoulder Mechanics for the Overhead Athlete

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Brian Minor

"Powerbuilding": A conceptual discussion on successful program design

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Sue Falsone

Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance

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Dr. Stuart McGill

From Back Pain to the Winners Podium

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Dr. Derek Wilcox

Water Manipulation Mistakes

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Dr. Sam Spinelli

Training & Coaching Around Pain: Navigating the Biopsychosocial Atmosphere

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Kyle Dobbs & Matt Domney

Positional Strategies and Exercise Selection

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Eric Helms

Integrating Autoregulation into Periodized Training

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Cassandra Strunk & Kyle Young

Integration of IASTM and Movement Preparation in a Powerlifter's Training Program

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Ben Pollack & Taylor Gohn

Applying Hypertrophy and Mobility Principles to All Strength Sports

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Dr. Mario Novo

Pain Science in the Modern Age of Recovery Specific Programming

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Brad Cox

Troubleshooting Knee Pain in the Squat

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Alex Viada

Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional: What we can learn from elite athletes and managing pain

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Kalle Beck

Starting Strongman 101

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Quinn Henoch

Managing Barbell Sport Injuries: A Practical Guide for Athletes, Coaches, and Clinicians

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Joe Sullivan

Emotional Adaptation and Responses to Training for the Coach and Athlete

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Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro

Diet, Exercise, and the Gut Microbiome: Recent Discoveries and Practical Applications

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David Otey

Unconventional Power Training - Lifting for Longevity

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Dr. Franchesca Vermillion

Disk Herniations and Strength Training

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Virtual Coaching for Strength Athletes

We offer global coaching solutions with scientific training methods backed by a clinically based movement system. Check out the video below and click Learn More to visit our coaching & education site. 

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Molly Galbraith

Strength Training During and after Pregnancy

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Dr. Roy Page

Resiliency Training: A Clinical Application of Energy Systems and Accessory Lifts

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Dr. Dale Cannavan

The Foot: Training from the Ground Up

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Shawn Sherman

When the Foot Hits the Ground... Unlocking Human Performance via Optimal Proprioception

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Dr. Lisa Lewis

Psych Skills for Change-Making

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Dr. Jordan Shallow, DC

Stability: Our Internal Motion Capture

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Alexander Effer

Maximizing Lower Limb Mechanics to Improve The Squat

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Jon Demoss

Athletic Respiration: Breath Control for High Performance

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Ryan DeBell

Hip Version and How it Affects Squatting

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Brandon Morgan

Effects of Dietary Inflammation

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Brandon Senn

Hierarchy of Exercise Classification

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Daniel DeBrocke

Addressing Behaviour In Nutrition Interventions

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