The 2nd Annual Kabuki Education Week

50+ Industry Leading Experts 

One-hour live virtual workshops with Q/A by industry professionals on topics ranging from training, sports psychology, nutrition, programming, recovery, mobility, rehab, business, and more. Connect directly with the brightest and best minds in an engaging interactive forum all from the comfort of your home.

KEW 2022 Recordings Now Available
Register for the Free Strength Athlete Roundtable

We are bringing some of the best strength athletes for a live roundtable featuring Q/A during the Kabuki Education Week.

We've hand-selected some of the strongest athletes from powerlifting and strongman to come together to share their wisdom of what it takes to compete at the highest levels of their sport.


Virtual Coaching for Strength Athletes

We offer global coaching solutions with scientific training methods backed by a clinically based movement system. Check out the video below and click Learn More to visit our coaching & education site. 

And yes, there's even more speakers below! 

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Presented by Kabuki Strength

This live, week-long virtual learning event is brought to you by the Kabuki Strength team. We are a vertically-integrated organization in the Sports & Fitness industry. Our mission involves:

  1. Research-based education around human movement, biomechanics, and athletic performance.
  2. Engineering, design and manufacturing of proprietary barbells and functional strength equipment.
  3. Offering virtual coaching services to athletes around the world via an in-house staff of coaches and educators.
  4. Giving back to our community and making the world a better place through strength.
Kabuki Strength