Train SLOW to Get FAST: Programming Heavy Sleds to Develop Blazing Speed

Joe DeFranco

Learn exactly How, When & Why heavy sled drags improve sprinting speed by the man who was 20 years ahead of the research on this topic.

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Course Syllabus

I. The #1 predominant factor in running faster
a. Stride Length vs Stride Frequency

II. Acceleration vs Maximum Velocity in Team Sports
a. Technical considerations when accelerating

III. Improving Acceleration/10-Yard Sprint Times
a. DeFranco's 20-year in-house study
b. 15,000+ electrically-timed 10-yard sprint results
c. DeFranco's Gym vs "Science"

IV. Heavy Sled Drags & Acceleration Mechanics
a. Conscious competence phase of learning a new skill
b. Training slow to get fast

V. Using Heavy Sleds for "Special Strength" development
a. Force production at specific joint angles
b. Sled drags vs Unresisted Sprints
c. Principle of Dynamic Correspondence

VI. Incorporating Heavy Sleds into Contrast Training Protocols
a. Immediate vs Longterm benefits

VII. Programming Heavy Sleds (Review)

VIII. Conclusion/Summary

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