In-Person Consultation

The Kabuki Experience

No matter your experience level with yoga, we’ve got a class for you!

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Our one hour fine-tuning consultation. Covering all of the basics with you and a focused tune-up on any specific specific movements or exercises if needed! 


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A 2 hour consultation session with us. Arrive ready for a customized mini version of our Principles of Loaded Movement seminar to educate and assess any movements or parts of your training that we can take to the next level, giving you better results in a safer way.

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For your chosen experience week you'll be receiving: gym access and coaching sessions, a mentorship lunch with Chris, Rudy or Kyle, opportunities to join us for our filming content process or even be apart of some of our content as well!



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Want to get started with the help of a seasoned instructor? 

Whether you’re new to the gym or more advanced, our experienced instructors are here to guide you to the next level. 

Consultations may also be used also to discuss topics such as velocity-based training, periodization, program design, exercises to address weak points, and anything you want to discuss. We primary work with athletes new to barbell training, higher level athletes who need to get that extra 2% out of their technique, and coaches who want to learn skills to assess their own clients with.  

If you are in the Portland area you may follow the buttons above to purchase. Once purchased a member of our staff will reach out to you for appointment booking.

Our coaching staff has the ability to assess exercise and human movement for areas needing refinement and seek to coach individuals in the field of strength training. Our coaching staff does not diagnose injury or provide injury rehabilitative services. Please seek out the appropriate medical attention for an injury you may be experiencing to receive professional medical diagnosis.