Effort, Force and Heaviness - the Missing Components of Proprioception

Guido Van Ryssegem

Effort, force and heaviness are senses that the weightlifter, athlete and rehabber is definitely familiar with. Unfortunately, they are often ignored as part of the proprioceptive senses. As every day and performance activities rely on these senses to be able to respond to challenges around us, we need to know more about them, so we can manipulate them to the benefit of our clients.

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Course Syllabus

The presentation will include scientific information related to the senses of effort, force and heaviness. Exercises will be proposed based on the Ki receptor classification system, including interoceptor, proprioceptor and exteroceptor biased exercises. Practical applications will be discussed and demonstrated that can detect and correct sensory deficits for the rehabilitation and performance populations.

- Effort
- Force
- Heaviness
- Interoceptors
- Proprioceptors
- Exteroceptors

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