Integrating Autoregulation into Periodized Training

Eric Helms

Periodization is sometimes described as a "top down" approach where you plan not only the current week, but the next month, or even the whole year in advance, while autoregulation is sometimes described as intuitive training that constantly changes based on how you feel. Neither definition is accurate; in fact, autoregulation should be seen as a set of methods to help you follow the intent of a periodized plan. In this presentation you'll learn how facilitate this union.

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Course Syllabus

1. Periodization what is it?
2. Autoregulation what is it?
3. Periodization, what we do and don't know.
4. Autoregulating at the microcycle level.
5. Autoregulating at the mesocycle level.
6. Autoregulating at the macrocycle level?


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