Physical Domination for the Warrior in 2022

Donny Bigham

The Army's most important and irreplaceable asset is the Soldier, period. We must put the Soldiers' human/physical performance first. Our Army is the most technologically advanced in the world. When will we commit to a physical dominance program that is scientifically sound and backed by experts? Physical training should be the number one aspect when it comes to improving lethality on the battlefield. It must be mandatory to ensure Soldiers have the tools in their kit bag to win the last 100 yards. The human performance will be a force multiplier that will increase lethality, combat effectiveness, moral and ethical decision making, overall readiness, and survivability on any battlefield.

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Course Syllabus

 1. Warrior Specificity to Increase Lethality and Survivability

2. Baseline Strength necessary to carry loads >30%

3. Strength training with Minimal Equipment

4. What Warrior Assessments are Mission Essential?
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