Derrington Wright

Hi, my name is Derrington Wright.

started lifting in junior high for football and I’ve been doing it ever since then! I mostly only cared about lifting as a way to help me with football, then along the way that switched up. We did normal weight training and strongman (lineman challenges) for football and I fell in love with it. After high school, I couldn’t find any strongman gyms, so I just decided to jump into a powerlifting meet because it seemed like the obvious next choice. Fast forward a few years later and a ton of different powerlifting meets in a ton of different federations, and I found my home in the USAPL.  Once, my goal was to be the top 93kg lifter in the world, but now I don’t really have any specific competition goals, I mostly want to just continue to push my limits without a big focus on competing.  Aside from that, my main goal is to help other lifters achieve their goals and to help my non-competitive clients live stronger and healthier lives.
I started working towards my goal of helping people get stronger at Metroflex Fort Worth where I worked for 2 years while also having the opportunity to train the Fort Worth police powerlifting team for a year. Within this time, I met Chris Duffin and the Kabuki coaches at a Kabuki seminar they held at Metroflex Fort Worth, where I was working. Then towards the end of the seminar, they recruited me and I’ve been with them ever since spending two years working next to my fellow coaches in Portland Oregon and now continuing to work with them but in my hometown of Fort Worth Tx! 

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