Daniel DeBrocke

Hi, my name is Daniel DeBrocke.

What’s up everyone, I always find it odd to talk about myself but here goes. My first introduction to fitness was through jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai. After competing for a few years in both, I decided I had a better aptitude for striking and began boxing competitively. I didn’t have a boxing coach so I would study boxing in my down time and when I got to the gym I would coach myself and spar the other fighters to gauge how my training was going. I was also a chef in fine dining which meant that I was boxing 5-6 hours a day and working 10-12 hours a day seven days a week. At the time, I loved it. Eventually this dedication lead me to winning the golden gloves championship, best fighter award and I remained undefeated in boxing and Muay Thai. 

But by this time I was burnt out. I had no social life and had been working my ass off for years with no end in sight. I wanted a change. At the time I was also coaching boxing and one of my students was a former olympian in bobsleigh and was an absolute freak athlete who would always do the olympic lifts. I was impressed with his physique and strength and he convinced me to give weightlifting a shot. I joined a weightlifting club and one of the members managed a gym and asked me to work for him. I figured this was a good opportunity to start something new. Once I got my PT certificate I went to work. I competed for a few years in weightlifting and although I got a lot bigger and stronger I never reached a point of being competitive at a high level. After sustaining a serious back injury my road to recovery precluded me from training at high velocities. That’s essentially when I started powerlifting and I’ve been doing it ever since. 

Fast forward to today, I’m the Director of Educational Curriculum at Kabuki Strength, a strength coach, and a Canadian national champion powerlifter. I’ve been coaching for ten years and have worked with athletes ranging from beginners to powerlifting world champions, BMX racers, professional soccer and MLB players. But now days I mostly just work with people who want to get jacked and strong. I’ve been fortunate enough to write for several renowned publications such as EliteFTS, Kabuki Strength, T-Nation, Bar Bend, Breaking Muscle, Evil Genius Sport Performance, etc. I’ve had the pleasure of presenting at international conferences alongside some of the most accomplished athletes and researchers in the field. I’ve always loved learning and I’ve been lucky enough to turn it into a career and be part of an amazing team at Kabuki Strength. Now my primary role is working within our team to develop educational programs and material to help push the industry forward.


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