Addressing Behavior In Nutrition Interventions

Daniel DeBrocke

Weight loss interventions are often said to have a failure rate of 85-95%. This is in part a byproduct of poor implementation from a behavioural standpoint. The research on nutrition science is rather straight forward. However, getting an individual to adhere to the particular parameters of the nutrition intervention is far more complex. This course will address the variables that drive behaviour to increase client buy-in and adherence. By understanding cue reactivity, habituation, reward signaling, diet history, psychological disorders, environmental influences and more we can develop an individualized approach for each client. Thus leading to better results.

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Course Syllabus

  • Primary Issues Facing Practitioners
  • Understanding Behavior: diet history and frame of reference
  • Process vs. Outcome Orientation
  • Motivation vs. Discipline
  • Importance of Maintenance

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