"Powerbuilding": A Conceptual Discussion on Successful Program Design

Brian Minor

The concept of "Powerbuilding", or the quest for size AND strength, is a topic that receives a lot of criticism due to what many view as a compromise between both goals. How much/when is this argument justified, and what considerations are often overlooked when aiming to create a successful strategy?

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Course Syllabus

Topics covered in this course include: 
  1. What is powerbuilding?
  2. Is the idea a violation of specificity?
  3. Strength and hypertrophy needs analysis
  4. Concurrency lies on a spectrum, with limitations depending on magnitude.
  5. The benefits of still biasing one training goal at a time
  6. Is peaking for strength actually compromising overall muscle growth?
  7. Programming considerations for each phase of training
  8. Viewing the challenge through the right lens

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