Brandon Morgan

Hi, my name is Brandon Morgan. 

Brandon Morgan is the Director of Education and lead educator at Kabuki Strength, where he builds on the company’s tradition of developing and presenting research-based continuing education around loaded movement, athletic performance, and strength & conditioning to audiences from gen pop all the way to collegiate and professional athletics.

He finished his undergraduate studies in exercise science at Warner Pacific University, where he also competed as a national-level wrestler until his career ended abruptly after numerous concussions. Having trained in the weight room for years to support his athletic career, Brandon transitioned seamlessly into strength sports and began competing as a powerlifter, becoming a master of his craft, and attaining elite-status as a lifter with a 500+ raw bench press.

Brandon started working at Kabuki as an intern strength and nutrition coach, and quickly set himself apart by investing in his continuing education and building both his personal brand and Kabuki’s Education platform through viral content on social media and developing continuing education courses around nutrition, strength, and athletics. Today Brandon manages a team of educators who reach millions of people and offer audiences opportunities to grow their knowledge and practical skills in the weight room and on the field. His goal is to help make the world a better place through strength by sharing knowledge and experience through contemporary mediums.