Brandon Morgan

Hi, my name is Brandon Morgan. 

I have a lengthy background competing and training in many different sports such as BJJ, football, track, MMA, and wrestling, which is the sport I stuck with through college. A wrestling scholarship is what brought me to the Portland area from Thurston where I grew up. This is around the time I started to intensely follow kabuki strengths work. As college went on I became more and more passionate about strength training and knew that Kabuki Strength was the best place for advancement in both my own lifting aspirations and education, where I am now the Director of Educational Media.

My collegiate wrestling career came to an end early after experiencing too many concussions. I quickly made the switch to powerlifting while finishing my degree in health and human kinetics. Towards the end of my years in college I gained the position as a collegiate strength coach while also chasing many different certifications in Nutrition.

Nutrition became a deep passion of mine. I have also loved the pursuit of body composition change and have found myself to be very good at it over the years. Helping others gain muscle being my personal favorite I also have a lot of personal experience helping others with their weight loss endeavors, and athletic development.

Strength training, body composition improvements, and education are categories I have a great degree of passion in and are also what I specialize in as a coach for Kabuki Strength. I’m a coach that takes pride is practicing what he preaches with ambitious goals in powerlifting and aesthetics. Most importantly I truly believe in our company’s mission statement of making the world better through strength.