Bulletproof Shoulders 101: Top Shoulder Exercises For Powerlifters And Bodybuilders

chris duffin shoulderök Aug 03, 2018

Let's start with what this article is not. It is not a top 5 exercises to develop great looking delts with lateral, front, and rear delt raises to develop each of the heads. Don’t worry, you will develop some amazing looking delts in the process as that also happens to be the output of strong healthy shoulders.

The Author’s Shoulders

It is a piece to help you develop strong, healthy, and powerful shoulders that can deliver tremendous power while reducing risk of injury in such a complex joint. This top 5 is for developing functional strength movements for the shoulders. Yes, I said the dreaded word ‘functional’. But I’m not talking namby-pamby soda can exercises, I’m talking real movements that develop strength while helping improve the operating mechanics of the shoulders. If you’re not familiar with my background or approach I am certainly a coach and athlete interested in real-world results and believe that stronger is better,...

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A Clinicians Story With ‘The Duffin Movement Systems’ & The ShouldeRök

My Background, I am a Chiropractor and have been in practice for over 26 years I specialize in movement restoration and rehabilitation based on the Neurodevelopmental Model using a variety of Movement Assessment tools that look for Dysfunction. I have been a Martial Artist for 31 years, lots of different styles but primarily Wing Chun Kung Fu. Only in the past few years have I gotten interested in Powerlifting thanks to an introduction to Marty Gallagher from some friends in Kettlebell world.

The importance of the background is to bring to light, that I had a lot of tools at my disposal and a lot of great coaches. But, for some reason there was a disconnect between my 4 worlds: Clinical Practice, Martial Arts, Kettlebells and PowerLifting. Chris at the DMS was able to tie all of that up for me and help me end two years of pain and frustration. 

Part 1: My Shoulder Dislocation and Two Years of Frustration to Recovery


I had just set a national record in my age weight class...

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ShouldeRök™ How It’s Made Video

chris duffin shoulderök May 19, 2015

The following video details the number or processes involved in making the ShouldeRök™. Pictures don’t do the product full justice, as any ShouldeRök™ customer will tell you. Once in your hands you will see the true craftsmanship and how it’s built to last a lifetime.

In this video you will see the ShouldeRök™ nut being cut out of raw plate on a CNC laser cutting machine. It is later put through the lathe to have the thread cut on the inside diameter and then tumbled to smooth the finish.


The next step shown in the video is the turning of the main head which is cut out of solid 3” round stock before it becomes the finished component you see. In my personal shop you will see the perfect Diamond knurl being added to the handle. Then the forming of the flare on the end of the handle, which is the final touch before the assembly is welded together in the rotary welder.

Unfortunately the...

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The ShouldeRök™ Versus A Macebell Or Gada

chris duffin shoulderök Mar 30, 2015

The Macebell or Gada is a classical training tool dating back centuries.  Its original use was in the wrestling for fighting cultures of ancient Persia and India.  My first experience using one was about 8 years ago when I attempted to incorporate it for shoulder development and conditioning. As a competitive powerlifter I quickly abandoned its use finding that combined with my powerlifting training it aggravated my wrist, elbows, and shoulders.

However 2 years ago I decided to make another run at using the macebell again.  I had been making tremendous gains in shoulder health and mobility with my progression into Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) and some associated kettlebell work.  I decided to try the swing again but focus on some refinement in the movement based on the DNS methodologies.  The goal was to simply realize some training efficiency as the swing was a very active warmup.  If I could accomplish my rehab, prehab, and warmup all at...

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