How Competition Can Facilitate Performance Improvement

chris duffin Mar 12, 2016

Are you training in a void? I am a firm believer in goal setting. Without goals it becomes hard to establish action plans (in this case training plans) to drive improvement. In the world of business and athletics there is no such thing as standing still, there is only moving forwards or falling backwards. For this reason goal setting and action plans are essential in making sure you’re focused on improving yourself or your results and moving forward.

The interesting thing about goals is they often seem to get shifted around due to the normal happenings in life. Dates move, targets get revised, and life happens; examples include projects coming up at work or a vacation getting scheduled. Heck, even an unexpected sunny day can overcome that day’s motivation to train. This is where the value of competitive events comes in.

training in a void

Having a planned competitive event scheduled (or series of events) puts hard fixed dates to your goals. The dates don’t change because you...

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Hemorrhoids And The Athlete: How To Keep Training

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2016

It is a simple fact that heavy resistance training and even endurance training increases our susceptibility to getting hemorrhoids. If you lift weights, you are in danger of developing hemorrhoids and that risk develops as you age. The age discussion becomes important as today’s athletes and those with active lifestyles are choosing to maintain these activities for a far longer basis, thus increasing your risk. At age fifty, about half of us will have had hemorrhoids at some point. In addition to age, history of pregnancy and obesity are also primary risk factors. For the purposes of this article we will be focusing on how athletes can continue training while reducing their risk.

The textbook definition of hemorrhoids is enlarged veins in the anus. Once enlarged, these hemorrhoids may become irritated, or even prolapse and become external hemorrhoids. In addition to pain and irritation, hemorrhoids may cause bleeding and discomfort.

Having hemorrhoids is not a sentence...

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Optimizing Conditioning For Strength Sports

chris duffin Mar 12, 2016

An athlete recently asked me how to achieve peak conditioning and peak strength levels simultaneously. To his disappointment, I noted this realistically could not be achieved. But the two are not mutually exclusive. In fact the correct interplay of both conditioning and strength can maximize your performance in both.

Maximizing performance in your desired objective (either strength or conditioning) doesn’t mean simply incorporating the opposite and hoping for the best. Imagine an endurance runner tossing in a bunch of strength training leading into a running event or a large out-of-shape powerlifter slamming out a bunch of cardio leading into a meet. In both scenarios, the athlete will likely reduce their performance in their events. CrossFit has done an excellent job at incorporating training across the strength and conditioning spectrum (or broad modal domains in CF language), but at the same time, its athletes are not in “peak” shape at any specific point...

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Interview With Dr. Stuart McGill On Neural Drive & Warm Up Routines

Interview Here

In this two part series, Chris Duffin sits down with Dr. Stuart McGill. Dr. McGill is the leading researcher on Biomechanics in the world. He is a professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo (Waterloo, ON, Canada). His advice is often sought by governments, corporations, legal experts and elite athletes and teams from around the world. Difficult back cases are regularly referred to him for consultation.

In this second piece they discuss where athletes often go wrong in their warmup routines and the impact to their performance. Following their easily incorporated suggestions for improved competition and training prep will increase your performance and reduce your risk of injury. They also delve into the subject of maximizing ‘neural drive’ and how to do so in athletic development.

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Rudy Kadlub, Masters Powerlifter – The Power Of Thought

rudy kadlub Mar 11, 2016

Rudy Kadlub, 65, co-owns Kabuki Strength in Portland, OR with business partner, Chris Duffin. It’s important that you get a sense for who he is before you put merit into his content (and you should). An American and World Record power lifter in three age divisions (22 World and 23 American/National records in four federations over a 10 year Masters career), Rudy is a former college football coach (UC Davis, University of Northern Colorado, and Boise State). He holds a master’s degree in Psychological Kinesiology from UNC where he also did his doctoral work in Sports Psychology. He’s also currently the strongest drug free 60+ Powerlifter in the world!

Today, Kadlub is a successful real estate executive and developer of not one, but two of America’s most highly acclaimed master planned communities, Orenco Station in Hillsboro, Oregon and Villebois in Wilsonville, Oregon. In addition, he recently started a commercial land brokerage business in...

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On Vision And Victory

chris duffin Nov 21, 2015

Who are you and what defines your identity? It is not your past, a sum of your experiences or your environment. YOU define who you are.

You have the power to define ‘who you are’ and what you will be in the future.  None of your past experiences define you unless you let them, or want them to.  You can create the vision for who you choose to be in life and then work to become that.  

To many people let past experiences or external factors define them. It can be productive and instructive to acknowledge and honestly evaluate your past, but when you let your past define your present and future self,  it puts a shackle around your ankle limiting your potential for growth.  Great men never allow themselves to be limited in this way. Extraordinary things have never resulted from this approach.  Visionaries shape the world we live in and you can be the visionary who shapes your life.

I’ve referred to my own past experiences occasionally...

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Life Insulation – Volume 1

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2015

Whether it be physical or emotional, true strength is a demand.
Not a request.

If you are asking for it, waiting for it, or even praying for it, you have misjudged its fundamental nature; It is elusive and hard to come by, and won’t politely join by request those without the will to grab it by the throat, and squeeze until it cooperates.

Wishing you were strong is like simply wishing you were rich, or wishing you were a super-athlete genius; All the want and wish in the world won’t develop, sharpen, and civilize your mind or break down, build up, and make savage your body. Once you’ve mentally and physically built and insulated yourself with blood, sweat, and resolve, then the once fragile house of cards becomes and stays an anti-fragile house of bricks.

There is no one but yourself to look to for lasting strength- and the only question that needs to be considered is “Am I willing to live one day/ week/ month/ year without being physically...

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A Clinicians Story With ‘The Duffin Movement Systems’ & The ShouldeRök

My Background, I am a Chiropractor and have been in practice for over 26 years I specialize in movement restoration and rehabilitation based on the Neurodevelopmental Model using a variety of Movement Assessment tools that look for Dysfunction. I have been a Martial Artist for 31 years, lots of different styles but primarily Wing Chun Kung Fu. Only in the past few years have I gotten interested in Powerlifting thanks to an introduction to Marty Gallagher from some friends in Kettlebell world.

The importance of the background is to bring to light, that I had a lot of tools at my disposal and a lot of great coaches. But, for some reason there was a disconnect between my 4 worlds: Clinical Practice, Martial Arts, Kettlebells and PowerLifting. Chris at the DMS was able to tie all of that up for me and help me end two years of pain and frustration. 

Part 1: My Shoulder Dislocation and Two Years of Frustration to Recovery


I had just set a national record in my age weight class...

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You’re Not As Broken As You Think You Are

chris duffin Aug 25, 2015

Injury Prevention, Wisdom, Longevity – You’re Not As Broken As You Think You Are

Chris Duffin is a dominant force in both raw and multi-ply lifting, He currently held the all-time raw (with wraps) world record with a 881-pound squat at 220-pounds bodyweight. In 2014, he posted a raw total of 2061 pounds in the 220-pound class. In addition to his own competitive success, he has been the owner and coach of Kabuki Strength in Portland, Oregon since 2008. Chris Duffin holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from The Oregon Institute of Technology and an MBA from The University of Phoenix. Duffin approaches powerlifting at a level of technical efficiency that is unsurpassed. His insight into training has helped many of his students go on to success beyond their expectations.

My wife is convinced that it is my goal to break something when I go extreme rock crawling and off-roading. While she isn’t right, she isn’t entirely wrong.

A big piece of the rock...

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The Practice Of Overcoming Fear

chris duffin Jul 31, 2015

Fear is a powerful human response, as it should be. It is our primal risk management tool that controls actions and even the nervous and hormone systems to keep us safe. Although fear is a risk management tool that keeps us safe, it can also hold us back from challenges, opportunities, and the success had from overcoming those.

You can only realize your full potential when you take risk and push yourself to your limits. There are differences in risk tolerance and ability to overcome fear between people. This difference, and one’s individual tolerance level for risk, is one of the defining things that have separated the great leaders and visionaries in history from…well, the rest of us. It is also, however, what separates those that could have been remarkable historical figures, but instead died young, lost their fortunes, or destroyed themselves in some other fashion.

Heightened reward simply comes with heightened risk and potential for failure. But if you seek to...

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