Important Coaching Cues For Strength Athletes And Powerlifters

brady cable Mar 08, 2017


Coaching cues are one of the most prevalent and important parts of coaching. When you’re trying to get somebody to put their body in a certain position or generate force a certain way, you need to give that person a point of reference for how to do that. People often shout very generic intrinsic cues like “core tight” or “knees out”. There are some things that need to be looked at when things like this aren’t getting the results you want. Too often, I’ve seen people use a cue only to have it result in no change and they resort to simply saying it louder or faster instead of changing their approach. This approach doesn’t create meaningful change or help anyone, it often leads to tension and frustration between the coach and person being coached. There needs to be a multi layered approach to thinking about how to cue things and get people to do movements in the way that you want them to.

If a person is struggling to achieve a...

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A Powerlifter’s Guide To Velocity Based Training [VBT], Part 1

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2017

This piece was written by Mark Langley on his blog.


-The purpose of this article is to address the validty and reliability of velocity based training (VBT) measurement devices.

-Three devices were compared to video analysis: Beast, PUSH, and OpenBarbell V2. Of the three, OpenBarbell seems the most appropriate for powerlifting.

– “This will be covered largely from a powerlifting standpoint. Also, did I mention this is geared towards powerlifters? I mostly wrote this for people interested in improving their squat, bench press, and deadlift. Athletes that focus on these movements in particular are powerlifters. I wrote this for powerlifters. Powerlifting.”

-The most important considerations for a VBT device for powerlifters are affordability, reliability at low-end velocity, and support for powerlifting specific movements (primary and secondary lifts)

-There is nothing that makes a tethered or accelerometer VBT device better than other options without...

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What Is The Oblique Sling?

Reese Hoffa

What is the oblique sling, and how does it affect me as an athlete? Are you a baseball player and want to throw harder and hit the ball further? Or are you a volleyball player that wants to increase arm speed and hit harder? Or are you a quarterback that wants to throw with a little more mustard? Your ability to do so is dependent upon your ability to load and create length through your oblique sling. This sling is our bodies personal whip. Understanding how to use it is a insanely effective way to improve sport performance.

What Is The Oblique Sling?

Your oblique sling is a line of musculature that runs from your shoulder to the contralateral side of your pelvis. In other words, right shoulder to left hip and left shoulder to right hip. This line of musculature is what rotates our pelvis into side lying. As mentioned, it is our bodies’ own personal whip. When looking at your torso, your oblique sling begins just above the hip at the external oblique, moves to...

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Rudy Kadlub’s Hemicap Surgery Recap

rudy kadlub Dec 28, 2016

Surgery was exactly four weeks ago and after spending the first three weeks in a right-arm (sling which severely hampers the ability to type) I have been released to begin rehab work. In addition to the resurfacing procedure of the joint, the surgeon repaired my bicep tendon which had become frayed by the interaction with the raw bone. The first few sessions consisted of the therapist performing passive circumduction. We quickly moved to pendulum swings and then pulley work to extend range of motion frontal and then abduction. Because of the nature of the surgery and the need to cut through the infraspinatus to get to the joint, I will be restricted to just 20 degrees of external rotation for another three weeks. However, I can already tell that the severe pain from the osteoarthritis in the shoulder is gone and that this was absolutely the right decision. It will allow me to get back to full competition after rehab.

In my third PT session, I took a Boomstick in to demonstrate its...

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6 Important Questions For Setting Life Goals

chris duffin Dec 27, 2016

There is a great deal of carryover from what is done in the gym to how you live your life.   I’m not talking about physical strength but lessons learned from dealing with adversity, managing your ego, mental preparation, and planning (along with many more).  But the ones I choose to highlight now are both short and long term goal setting. I’ve created my #GrandGoals plan in order to both deadlift and squat 1000lbs (and be the lightest man to do so), and I’m currently working on the first portion of that goal now.  In the following video I discuss a little bit about how #GrandGoals relate to both business and life, as well as challenge you with the question, “What are your Grand Goals?”


Perhaps surprisingly, I’ll admit that #GrandGoals itself is both superfluous and unimportant.  Lifting an arbitrary weight (or setting some record) has very little impact on what is truly important in my life.  Nor does it...

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Five Directives For Creating A Longer, Healthier Life At 50+

rudy kadlub Dec 27, 2016

About Fifteen years ago, when I was then older than most of you readers are today, my doctor gave me three keys to a long and healthy life:

  1. Pick your parents
  2. Take a baby aspirin every day
  3. Exercise every day that ends in “y”

If you’re reading this then you can eliminate directive number as no one gets to select the DNA they are born with. Obviously, your chromosomal makeup plays a vital role in who you are physically and mentally. Your genes determine your eye and hair color, your body type, height, I.Q. blood type, susceptibility or resistance to certain ailments or diseases and thousands of other features that make you unique. You may have “good genes” that bless you with good health or you may have inherited a body type that is less than athletic or an immune system that is not as robust as the average person.

However, you can control your what you do with the body and mind that was given to you at birth. At age 67, I have tried to adhere to items...

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The Power Of Thought – Part 1

rudy kadlub Dec 15, 2016

Body and mind

Sport Psychology, though not new, in theory has gained widespread practice in the past two decades. Today’s athletes and teams at all levels employ professional sports psychologists to assist in the acquisition of both fine and gross motor skills and to achieve the highest mental focus and self-confidence levels necessary to optimize physical performance.

An Eye on the End Game

A wise man, maybe it was Yogi Berra, once said “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” To translate: without a goal, dream or purpose in your life you are adrift in a massive ocean in a boat without a sail or a rudder. With no end game in mind, millions of humans stumble through careers, diets, relationships and leisure time resulting in mediocre income, poor health, loneliness, and boredom.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. – Napoleon Hill

The Power of Thought is immeasurably critical in the development...

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Positioned To Succeed As A Professional Athlete

reese hoffa Dec 09, 2016

Reese Hoffa is the owner of the Hoffa Throws Academy, an elite training facility located in Watkinsville GA. He is a 3-time Olympian, 2-time World Champion, and spent an unprecedented 10 straight years ranked in the top 3 in the world.  

I worked as a professional shot putter for 14 years. I won two world championships, went to three Olympic games and achieved just about every goal I ever set for myself. As you can imagine, a lot of young athletes asked me what they needed to do to have a career like mine. I told them the truth, and I’ll share that truth with you now, but a lot of people didn’t want to hear it then and won’t want to hear it now. They hoped there was some secret, some shortcut that would help them be a professional without the effort. Being a professional means a lot more than just collecting a paycheck or having a sponsorship, so in today’s article, I’m going to point out a few of the things that I did to put myself in a...

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The Greatest Feats Of Strength In 2016 | A Video Compilation

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2016

The year 2016 has been a monumental year for strength sports, with some previously “unbreakable” barriers being broken and incredible athletes pushing the boundary of what we thought to be humanly possible. Here is a compilation of what the editors at Kabuki Strength think are the  greatest feats of strength from this year (so far). We hope you enjoy! (note that these are in no particular order)

Bonica Lough squats 600lbs in sleeves

The ladies performance in powerlifting and strength sports the last few years has been incredible, to say the least. This squat by Bonica Lough is the heaviest raw (in sleeves) squat of all-time, and the only 600+ pound raw squat for women, ever. An incredible display of strength by an incredible athlete.

Yuri Belkin deadlifts 921lbs (418kg) beltless @223lbs

Cementing himself as one of the greatest deadlifters in history, Yuri narrowly missed the 220lb weight class when he pulled 921lbs in Russia…beltless. Had...

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A Week Of In-Season Training With World Champion Shot Putter Reese Hoffa

reese hoffa Sep 19, 2016

Reese Hoffa is the owner of the Hoffa Throws Academy, an elite training facility located in Watkinsville GA. He is a 3-time Olympian, 2-time World Champion, and spent an unprecedented 10 straight years ranked in the top 3 in the world.

In my previous article, I outlined a couple of mistakes I see throwers making with their training. You can check that article out by clicking here. I really appreciate the feedback I got from the Kabuki Strength community, and one of the most common questions was how those considerations actually entered into program design. I thought the most productive way to answer that question was to just open up my old training log and show a sample training week from my final season as a pro. This is my actual in season workout schedule assuming a meet on Saturday.

Monday- Movement Prep Day
5 minutes of easy rowing or skiing on a Concept 2 Row or Ski Erg.
DB Seated Military Press 3×8
Bent Over Fly 2×10
Single Leg Squat 3×6
ShouldeRok Swings...

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