Optimizing Shoulder Mechanics for the Overhead Athlete

Dr. Adam McCluskey

In-depth analysis of how to assess, strengthen, and mobilize the shoulder complex for optimal performance and longevity.

We will be discussing things such as:

  • how to screen for overhead mobility
  • the role of scapular mechanics, and rotator cuff stability
  • causes of common shoulder pathologies
  • use of corrective exercises to enhance overhead position and strength
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Course Syllabus

In this course we are going to be learning how to assess overhead mobility and strength in our clients and athletes. The shoulder complex requires synchronicity and proper activation patterns in the context of the mobility demands of the athlete. With a thorough understanding of the shoulder, and how to identify limitations we can provide optimal programming to them. You will be learning effective screening techniques for overhead mobility, how the muscles of the shoulder work together to create a stable joint to produce force from, and how to implement corrective and accessory work in your programming.

Topics Covered:
• Overview of the shoulder complex and key functional anatomy
• How the rotator cuff impacts overhead stability
• Common shoulder pathologies in overhead athletes
• Exercise modifications and entry point movements
• Implementation of corrective exercises and accessory work to enhance overhead position and strength

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