Knee Pain & The Strength Athlete

Dr. Aaron Horschig

This course will help you understand how to diagnosis and treat common knee injuries sustained by strength athletes. Common injuries that will be covered will include patellar & quad tendinopathy, patellofemoral pain syndrome and IT Band syndrome.

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Course Syllabus

For hundreds of years the traditional medical field has attempted to address pain by diagnosing the specific tissue or part of the body that may be injured (such as patellofemoral pain syndrome or IT Band Syndrome). Rather than take a medical approach to analyzing the body, we are going to go through a movement-based screening process to uncover why the pain started in the first place. We don’t need an MRI or other expensive scans. Instead we’re going to take a step back and view how the body moves from head to toe. This way we treat the person, not the injury.

The idea that flawed movement or technique leads to the development of pain has been called the kinesiopathologic model or KPM. The theory behind it is key to fixing your pain: start by finding out what movement problems led to the injury developing in the first place.

- Injury Anatomy 101
- The KPM Model
- Movement Screening
- Mobility Screening
- Load Screening
- The Rebuilding Process

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