Align Method: Ankle, Hip and Shoulder Mobility 101

Aaron Alexander CR,LMT

The ankle, hip and shoulder joints are fairly ubiquitously limited in modern culture. These joint segments are interrelated and a key to creating lasting change in your overall strength, flexibility, durability and longevity is to recover ROM in these areas while moving in a way to naturally integrate them in both training and daily life activities. In order to be strong, you need leverage. In order to create leverage, you need the ROM to organize your parts into mechanically efficient positions. This workshop will go over several fundamental movement patterns to recapture full functional ROM of these joint segments, discuss exactly why this matters so much for your overall health and provide you with the road-map to simply structure your daily life to consistently optimize your joint health. 

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Course Syllabus

Discuss how these joints segments are interrelated and why this matters for strength production and longevity
Ankle Mobility - 4 daily practices/exercises
Hip Mobility - 4 daily practices/exercises
Floor sitting - How to do it effectively and why this matters
Shoulder Mobility - 4 daily practices/exercises + Daily Hanging Practice

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