From Back Pain to the Winner's Podium

Dr. Stuart McGill

Success in restoring athleticism for the back pained athlete requires a
thorough assessment to understand the cause, followed by a systematic and
appropriate plan. Quantifying the precise goals is a necessary exercise to
focus the specific adaptations needed for success. I wish it were simple
but it is not. Examples from many athletes are used to illustrate the
process which is different for everyone, including pitfalls and unusual

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Course Syllabus

The course is an amalgam fusing 30 years of investigating the issues ofassessing pain pathways and limiters of performance with clinical work ona broad spectrum of athletes. Examples of pain pathways form thefoundation for assessment approaches to reveal the best approach to removethe cause and then build a foundation for pain-free activity. Once thepain is under control, phase 2 begins where performance is restored byfirst identifying the demands of the sport and the current capabilities ofthe person. Then program design focusses on what they need but do not havefor optimal resilience and performance.The approach recognizes that every client-athlete is an individual with adefining injury history, base athleticism, trainability and adaptability,and unique anatomy, neurology, psychology, to name a few. Specific topicswill be discussed using examples that include densifying neural drive formore strength and speed, mechano-stimulation to create specific tissueadaptation, selecting specific programs for specific subcategories ofathletes (for example the endurance vs the explosive).Note that these training approaches are not for the average person who isnot expert with understanding biological capacity, processes ofadaptation, injury mechanisms, migration of stress with posture change,role of fascia and mental focus to name a few.  They will get hurt.

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