When the Foot Hits the Ground... Unlocking Human Performance through Optimal Proprioception

Shawn Sherman

The somatosensory system, one of three sub-systems that make up our postural control system, can be separated into external feel (touch) and internal feel (proprioception and kinesthesia). Stress compromises our proprioception and kinesthesia and undermines our posture-motor control systems. This course introduces 3 different options for resetting proprioception including one that you can begin using immediately on your patients, clients, athletes, and yourself.

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Course Syllabus

In this course, we begin by sharing the common goal of all movers and movement pros and investigate the functional design of the Postural Control System (PCS). We then explain how stress compromises that design and drives the need for neural compensation. Next we examine 2 general strategies (replacement, restoration) that are available for improving posture-movement outcomes in light of neural compensation.

After arguing the necessity of adopting a neural restoration strategy, we delve into the crucial role that proprioception plays in our 2 rudimentary human motor patterns and their constituent 4 phases and 200+ joint actions. Then we discuss how, when the foot hits the ground, our CNS' will only perceive joint action-specific ground forces as either "safe" or "unsafe". All "unsafe" perceptions drive neural compensation which undermines human movement performance.

To draw the presentation to a conclusion, we briefly introduce 2 options for improving proprioception that we, The SQUARE 1 System, have successfully developed and field-tested on 1000s of clients and athletes. A third intervention, which is a immediately implementable by all attendees, is also introduced.

*The goal of all movers and movement pros
*PCS function
*Stress and neural compensation
*General strategies
*Specific methodologies

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