What You Must Know About Strength Training During and After Pregnancy

Molly Galbraith

In this presentation, I'll share evidence-based, practical information about strength training during and after pregnancy. I'll identify and clarify common myths, discuss relative and absolutel contraindications of strength training during pregnancy, explain how strength training should change throughout each trimester, and share our 3-phase process for helping women recover and return to strength training safely post-pregnancy.

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Course Syllabus

In this presentation I'll identify and clarify the most important myths and misunderstandings of strength training during and after pregnancy. I'll share benefits, as well as absolute and relative contraindications for individuals who want to strength train during pregnancy, and I'll explain what activities are generally safe, and what activities are contra-indicated during pregnancy. I'll also walk you through how to modify strength training programs during each trimester of pregnancy.

Further, I'll explain how to recover from childbirth (or help your client recover within your scope of practice) and learn how to return to exercise safely, including our 3-phase return to exercise program we teach at Girls Gone Strong. I'll share how this recovery and return to exercise may be affected by childbirth (vaginal birth vs. C-section, uncomplicated vs. complicated birth, etc)., and the role of pelvic health physiotherapy in recovery and return to exercise.

By the end of my presentation, attendees will understand:

- why strength training during pregnancy is beneficial
- who strength training during pregnancy is safe for and who it's not
- what levels of intensity of effort and load are safe during pregnancy
- exercises to do and avoid during pregnancy
- how to modify a training program for each trimester
- how to recover from childbirth and return to exercise
- our 3-phase return to exercise program that helps women progressively return to activities they love
- the pelvic health physiotherapy plays in strength training during and after pregnancy and how to find a practitioner

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