Behavior Modification Strategies: Evidence Based Practice for Positive Habit Formation

Melissa Davis

This talk will help you learn to make achievable goals and develop the awareness and self-monitoring tools needed to modify your behavior. You will learn how to assess various aspects of behavior in order to target changes and be given many tools for this process. Aligning your habits with your goals makes success easier and more likely!

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Course Syllabus

This talk will give you the evidence-based tools to align your habits with your goals, making success easier to achieve and maintain. Developing habits that support rather than counter your goals means that less effort and willpower are required to get what you want. Self-regulation is a skill that takes time and practice to hone. You will learn how to make, frame, and organize individualized goals in ways that make them more likely to be achieved. We will then discuss science-based strategies to develop awareness and self-monitor your own behavior. With this new awareness and information, you will learn to dissect the multifaceted aspects of your behavior in order to target change in a variety of ways. We will go over tactics, strategies, and methods for building desirable habits and eliminating unwanted ones so that your daily behavior becomes more and more in line with your target outcomes.

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