Psych Skills for Change-Making

Dr. Lisa Lewis

Clients come to us for help with making change. Whether that change is becoming fitter, leaner, stronger, faster or pain-free, all change requires psychological skills and strengths. In this lecture and Q&A, review and discuss how to best facilitate change for your clients and help them sustain those changes over time.

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Course Syllabus

After a brief introduction to the presenter and presentation focus - facilitating motivation for change, Dr. Lewis will provide a brief overview of Self-Determination Theory (SDT) and Basic Psychological Needs Theory (BPNT), and then apply SDT and BPNT to the clients of fitness professionals. She will then review similarities and differences between client and coach motivation and importance of centering goals around clients' motives.

Dr. Lewis will then review the normal human tendency to resistance change, as well as the negativity bias, and discuss how these psychological phenomena impact coaching clients. She will then cover three skills for coaching clients who resist change and/or get "stuck" in negative thinking. Finally, Dr. Lewis will summarize three basic ways to facilitate and sustain motivation for long term behavior change. QnA and discussion to follow

*Understand the basic components of motivation and how to harness and leverage motivation to help clients change.
*Learn about the tendency of all humans to resist change and to focus on negative aspects of performance and outcomes.
*Develop skills and communication strategies to help clients get out of their own way and achieve the goals they set for themselves.

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