Kyle Young

Hi, my name is Kyle Young.

I am the head coach of Kabuki Strength and the Team USA head coach for the USPA! I started with Kabuki Strength as an athlete over 7 years ago. During that time I was running commercial gyms and CrossFit gyms, where I had my first powerlifting team. I spent many years teaching personal trainers how to have more success in the gym. This carried over to my job and career when I joined kabuki coaching and education full-time! I now get the honor of representing Kabuki Strength all over the world. When not traveling to local, national, or world events, I am traveling to seminars, where we get to teach athletes and coaches how to live better through strength!  My athletic career is two-fold; lifting and fighting, my true passions. I have lifted competitively for over 10 years balancing alongside an extensive martial arts career. Competing in the 165-220 weight class raw, single ply, and multiply.  I have a black belt in MPD and have trained in: kickboxing, boxing, BJJ, weapons fighting, and MMA. This was and is all while attempting to be the best powerlifter possible and smash as many records as I can!  My coaching career is diverse over the years as well, giving me a very wide base to help people achieve their best. I have taught countless hours of powerlifting, strong man, martial arts, kickboxing, CrossFit, along with MMA strength and conditioning. In powerlifting, I have coached many beginner lifters, all the way up to countless national, world record, and all-time world record holders. 

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