Positional Strategies and Exercise Selection

Kyle Dobbs & Matt Domney

Understanding compression strategies, the axial skeleton, and their influence on exercise selection.

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Course Syllabus

Our presentation will cover the anatomy and physiology of respiration mechanics and how the position and structure of the ribcage and diaphragm are influenced by the compression strategies that lifters often use. We will cover the sport specific strategies typically used within all three of the big lifts in powerlifting as well as strategies that can be implemented to leverage these positions for increased output. Additionally we will be discussing the positions and fiber orientations of the relevant tissues being leveraged within the lifts.
We will also be discussing the implementation of accessory training respective to the needed respective variability or specificity of the individual lifter, and we can use alternative strategies to drive increased output and/or recovery. This is a mechanism that we use to promote better load and fatigue management to allow a lifter to maximally express output when it counts.

1.  Why positions matter
2.  Axial skeleton overview
3.  Big 3
4.  Accessory exercise selection
5.  Training/programming application(s)

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