Clinical Core Progressions to Develop the Proper Squat Pattern

Dr. Thomas Solecki

A step by step approach to developing the proper Squat Pattern. How to begin in the rehab clinical setting and progress to the platform. A guide to building a better movement pattern.

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Course Syllabus

Clinical core stability progressions in unloaded positions to develop the proper

Squat Pattern


1. The Initial Assessment and Evaluation
2. Take time to listen and carefully explore what the individual is having difficulities with whether discomfort, loading mechanics or the inability to perform certain activities of daily or instrumental living

5 sequences in developing a squat pattern
1. Mobility
2. Stability: Differentiation in developing core stability and proximal mobility
3. Endurance
4. Strength
5. Power.

The 4 x 4 Matrix

1. Supine and Prone
2. Side lying and Oblique (Low oblique sit and High Oblique Sit)
3. Tall kneeling and Single leg kneeling
4. Squat, lunge, split stance, RDL

Developing the sequential energy systems
1. Isometrics 5-10 sets 10 sec holds
2. Dynamic endurance strength building 2-3 sets 10-15 reps with 30 sec or less rest
3. Strength
4. Power
5. load intensities will vary pending energy system

Unloaded and Loaded progressions of lumbo-pelvic hip stability

1. Side bridge
2. Gluteal bridge
3. Single leg gluteal bridge
4. Front plank
5. Rotational plank
6. Stir the pot
7. Farmers walks
8. Waiters carry
9. Bell up waiters carry
10. Overhead carry
11. ShoulderRoc rotations and 10/2
12. Standing chops/Lifts
13. Pallof push with Squat KBs and selectorized
14. Goblet squat/ KB swings
15. Single RDLs

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