Three Common Powerlifting Injuries and the One Ring that Rules them All

Dr. Phillip Snell

Shoulder pain, low back pain and neck pain are common maladies that affect powerlifters. The most common structural injuries in these areas have a common functional link. Find the functional link and you can avoid many structural injuries that often take a lifter out of training.

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Some of the most common ailments experienced by the powerlifting athlete include shoulder pain with bench press (and with squatting), low back pain with squatting and neck pain with squatting. While most orthopedic and sports medicine doctors seek to identify specific bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons that have been compromised by load, this approach often fails to answer 2 key questions that athletes want to know: "Why did this happen?" and "How can I keep this from happening again?" The answers to these questions lie within the capability of the clinician that understands loaded movement and rehab principles.

In this 1 hour presentation, chiropractic physician, Phillip Snell, shares his insights from 8 years of work with world record holding powerlifters from Kabuki Strength. These clinical pearls include the key item that was brought to the sport of powerlifting through a little known rehab school of thought. Once this key principle was embraced, records began to fall and injury rates decreased as well. After viewing this presentation, the attendee will:

1. Have a pragmatic model for functional assessment of intra-abdominal pressurization to optimize spine stability.

2. Be able to relate common structural injuries in the powerlifting athlete to sub-optimal spine stabilization strategies.

3. Possess a working knowledge of coaching cues to enable quick application of these principles within a training session.

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