Disk Herniations and Strength Training

Dr. Franchesca Vermillion, DC

This course will go over the common areas of the spine that herniate due to trauma and degeneration. Learn about the anatomy of the disc, joints, and spine. This course will review the common pain patterns for injury and what to be wary of. Finally, the course will discuss rehabbing and training with disc injuries. The latest systematic review studies will be summarized regarding the history of injury and rehab.

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Course Syllabus

This course will focus on symptomatic disc injuries in all levels of the spine with the time being spent on the most common areas of injury, the neck, and low back. We will start with a brief overview of the anatomy of the spine and discs.
This will then break down the most common discs that are herniated and how they tend to herniate based on biological sex, age, and activity levels.
We will discuss what areas the pain and symptoms are felt based on the area injured and when to bring in professional help.
When dealing with disc pain it is also important to know when it is routine pain and when this has shifted to an emergency condition and not to delay seeking help.
With disc injuries, there is commonly directional preference for the discs, ie, directions that relieve pain and directions that aggravate the pain. Learn how to pay attention to the signs and symptoms to find directional preference and symptomatic relief.
When going through a rehab program, learn how to differentiate pain from harm following simple guidelines. As the injury heals, it is also important to learn about progressive overload which will lead to healing vs. causing further harm.
Key takeaways from this course will be:
*Learning about disc anatomy and disc injury etiology
* Knowing how to handle the pain and when to seek help
*Learning how to train and rehab with the injury and how to progress past the injury

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