How To Build A Fitness Industry Brand and Social Media Following

Andrew Coates

This presentation will help you understand the value of growing a fitness industry brand and a social media following. It will guide you through options like long form media, types of business, and other career accomplishments to create credibility. You’ll form the foundation upon which you create an engaging social media brand that people will want to follow. 

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Course Syllabus

Why You Should Care About a Social Media Following and Fitness Industry Brand

Growing and Nurturing Your Base
-Start with the people you already know
-Serve your existing community
-You know enough to share your experience and knowledge
-Imposter syndrome

Develop Industry Relationships and Professional Connections
-Connect with industry leaders, but don’t create for their approval
-Travel and attend industry events
-Connect with and support people on the same journey you are

Develop Career Capital
-Develop credibility and substance deeper than just social media
-Give people a reason to follow you and explore your accumulated body of work
-Choosing your long form content
-Do you build a physical or online business(like Kabuki Strength)?
-Do you write a book?
-Do you try to train celebrities or high level athletes?
-Why everyone you respect has more substance than just a good social media page

Now Master Social Media
-Why Instagram is the hub for your social media
-Develop a sharable format
-Share quality ideas
-Develop writing and media skills
-Adopt an abundance mindset
-Engage with your following

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