Maximizing Lower Limb Mechanics to Improve The Squat

Alexander Effer

In this course, we are going to introduce an alternative biomechanical view of the squat. This breakdown will help you seamlessly identify limiting factors through assessment and strategic exercise selection. We will also take a closer look at the foot and its ability to influence the efficiency of the squat.

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Course Syllabus

In this webinar, Maximizing Lower Limb Mechanics to Improve the Squat, Certified Exercise Physiologist Alex Effer, will present an alternative perspective of the squat with the purpose of identifying overlooked aspects that influence the efficiency of the movement. Alex will illustrate similarities between the foot, hips and pelvis to enhance our assessment process. Additionally, Alex will breakdown the squat arc into three categories based on the biomechanical changes that occur in the lower limb.

By understanding the fundamental movement principles of the squat, you will then be presented with two assessment measurements that will help identify any movement inefficiency that may be affecting the squat. Finally, Alex will teach you how to take the results from the assessment measurements and apply them to an effective and specific exercise selection process where the programs will write themselves.

Course Objectives

• Reshape our view of the squat through an alternative lens
• Illustrate similarities between the foot, hip, and pelvis to provide an
• Describe the variations in lower limb mechanics during the squat arc
• Develop an effective assessment process to identify movement inefficiencies
• Establish an exercise selection model based on the assessment that is easy to implement

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