Alex Miller

Hi, my name is Alex Miller.

I really like systemizing the training process. Buildings systems for the development of resilience and improving the key performance indicators for each athlete I work with is something I'm very passionate about. With enough iteration and attention I truly think that every athlete can live up to their potential and learn through the process what really works for them. Whilst I very much believe that every coach, and really every profession, should be inline with current research; I'm also very aware that there needs to be attention to the individual. I'd describe the way I think about working with an athlete as "data-informed" rather than data-driven. The feedback, both in numbers and subjectively, from an athlete matters. Even though there is always a structured system to work within there is always room to have freedom within that system. As a snapshot of the demographics I've worked with:

  • World, European, USA National, and GB National record holders (across IPF and USPA/IPL)
  • GB BJJ Champions, World level triathletes, CrossFit Athletes

This is a very performance focused snapshot. It does a disservice to the power of systemizing the training process for people and athletes who want to come back from an injury or setback. An understanding of the training process and systems within it lets me build as high a resolution process as needed. This means that when I talk about the steps to take to build resilience in, say, your back. I really mean we can have a clear vision, step by baby step, to get you back moving at least as well as before and most likely better. On a personal note, my goals right now, and for the foreseeable future, all revolve around experimenting on myself to find the best processes for training. At the time of writing i'm particularly interested in the relationship between CO2 tolerance, O2 delivery deficits, and the work capacity of lifters over a whole training cycle.


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